Altered Book Project - Page Folding

folded book

alternate view of folded book

Graphic Design Certificate 2016

An exploration of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop programmes

Photoshop exercise: quote

Social issue photomontage 1

social issue photomontage 2

social issue photomontage 3

Installation Works 2012-13


Stitch in time

Knot an Option

houses where i have lived mobile

Dodge the lemons

Memories of Expectations

Our beliefs coalesce as we progress into adult life. We develop expectations for our lives – ideas about how things are supposed to turn out. Sometimes we do everything we can to reach those goals, but they still elude us. Have we made the most of our opportunities? Do we give our children a false sense of security by reading them “happily ever after” bedtime stories?

Memories of expectations

memories of expectations detail

memories of expectations detail 2