Whanganui Poetics Exhibition

Gallery images from Whanganui Arts at the Centre, Taupo Quay, Whanganui, 9 - 27 August 2016

The original Poetics Exhibition with about 250 items on display

Yoka side of gallery

CPC, ABC, CES side of gallery

PCANZ 50 Year collaborative prints on walls

Yoka Panel mezzotints

Yoka Panel Teaching

Yoka Panel Haiku

Yoka Panel etchings

Slide shows Print Council

Collaborative CPC Projects

Yoka Artist books

Gallery overview

Yoka Poetry books

Gallery CES student workks

Yoka Concertina books

Yoka Japanese bindings

On loan from Penny Robinson

Yoka boxes and Gallery books

Jill Webster, Toni Moseley

Elizabeth SEINER, Michael Reed

Elle Anderson

Catherine Macdonald

Celia Walker, Julienne Francis

Toni Hartill, Emma McLellan

Yoka Leather, strap bindings, Gallery books

Mary Monckton, Terrie Reddish

Mary Monckton, Terrie Reddish

Rosalie Thompson, Beth Charles

Robyn Tillman

Ann Bell

Toni Moseley

Hanneke Barendregt

Ann Bell

Laura Hudson

Diane Harries

Diane Harries

Diane Harries

Hawkes Bay Exhibition

A selection of works exhibited in Hawkes Bay at Arts on Parade, Marine Parade, Napier, 1 - 3 October 2016