Diane Harries, Boxes

Rectangular Hinged Boxes

Usually 200 mm x 100 mm x 30 or 40 mm but can vary! The imagery lining the inside should create a conversation with the outside. Constructed using 2 mm book board.

KASHMIR box and inside a map

screenprint in variations of black/white 

Bullers Birds Book cover and colour plate

letterpress for the treasurer of print council

antique ENCYCLOPAEDIA and its pages

canaletto painting outside and etchings INSIDE


Trinket Boxes

reverse view

30mm high watercolour decoration 30 mm high

Square shape, usually 100 x 100 mm, and without a hinge

watercolour painting decoration 50 mm high

Terrie Reddish Botanical art

Terrie Reddish Botanical Art

etching decorating outside 30 mm high

flax papers and raffia tassel 30 mm

Solander Boxes

A presentation box with drop back lid, named after Daniel Solander of Joseph Banks' team in 1769

nested set of three that will store inside each other

buckram exterior with linen interior

Origami Boxes

An A3 piece of light card will make a box suitable for a postcard

origami box closed

origami box open

Cylindrical Box

Made with existing tube cut lengthwise; ideal for scroll books

Tissue Box Covers

Constructed with 3 mm mdf board; will fit 95 Kleenex boxes, and other brands if tissues placed in the inner card liner.

Imagery from the great masters, adapted to the shapes of the panels; edges bound with black acrolin.

tissue box with m c escher imagery

tissue box with maps and ships imagery

tissue box with canaletto etchings

tissue box with lascaux cave painting imagery