Venetian Blind with Woven Threads

Extra threads are woven through the pages down the sides to stabilise the board pages.

Concertina with Drawstring

A variation on Fan Leaf or Venetian Blind Book

Fishbone structure folded book

Chinese Thread Book

Historic design for keeping sewing threads organised. On the base there is a rectangular and two square compartments. When these are folded down, there are four smaller twist boxes on top. A card cover folder closes the flattened boxes.

Piano Hinge Binding

Using skewers as the sticks to slide between slots on the page folds, to link the pages into a book form - a textile sampler. Machine stitching onto card pages. Skewers create space for bulky page content and still allow book to close.

Piano Hinge with skewers: exploring French Knot embellishments on linocut printed fabric, ink hand colouring; leather strips with machine stitching.

Toothpick Piano Hinge

Hand-written calligraphy lettering on Zeta paper wrapped around the toothpicks and secured through slots in the paper.

A sculptural piece with incredible fluidity and movement.

Australian flat style reverse piano hinge

“Home” book

A house-shaped book with interlocking pages. Windows that show through to the page inside. No gluing or stitching.

Japanese Stab Binding

Possibly the easiest type of stitching, but does not open out very well. Intricate designs increase the possibilities.

japanese stab hemp leaf binding

Japanese stab tortoise shell binding

Japanese stab binding original design stitching

Soft Cover Books with Exposed stitching

The number of threads is determined by the number of signatures; there are many patterns.

soft cover stitched books with varying numbers of signatures inside

rope (pink thread on blue card), knotted (blue thread on maroon card)

Double Signature Notebook


western codex binding

skewer spine (rolled flax rod)

french doors double spine codex binding

jacobs ladder book

jacobs ladder book that opens from one side forever

Scroll Book using japanese stab binding and rolled flax leaves

folded book form

more complex folded book form from one sheet of paper

Concertina Binding

The simplest binding using glue rather than stitching; the back is on view as well and deserves content!

concertina inside view

concertina inside view

concertina covers and reverse view with drawings

concertina covers and reverse view

concertina with shaped card and pages themed on the big top

double concertina structure (recycling old discarded prints)

Star Binding

Star/Concertina Binding

Three intriguing structures to display miniature prints: hinged gallery concertina, framed concertina and stitched strips concertina.

Hinged gallery concertina 1

framed concertina 1

framed concertina 1

hinged gallery concertina 2

framed concertina 2

hinged gallery concertina 3

stitched strips concertina

Hinged gallery concertina 4

stitched strips concertina spine

Gallery Books for Photos

Wrapped Gallery Book closed

wrapped gallery book open showing three photo pages

gallery book triple layer

Gallery book triple layer spread view

The concertina spine allows the prints or photos attached to the spine folds to be opened out for static display