Concertina Spine Binding 2013

Binding project for Triona Cooney; set of drypoint etchings that required presentation to her father

cover showing concertina spine

title page

drypoint of grandad

Concertina Spine Binding for Mezzotint Class 2013

Collaborative mezzotint album with Diane Harries binding the volumes.

Cover flax paper and letterpress

Concertina spine book structure

James Graves Mezzotint

colophon of Mezzotint artists

Mara Jardin Garden, Collaborative Book Project, 2013

Inspired during a visit to Pompallier Printery in Russell in 2012, 11 members of Central Print Council used letterpress and printmaking to create a page each. Working with the local team, my role was to bind the pages using a concertina spine structure to complete the edition of 38 books.

Diane Binding pages

Diane Binding pages

Marty Vreede printing title page on vandercook printing press

Rita Wearn, Julia Ellery

Pompallier Garden Book

Pompallier book cover

Pompallier book colophon