Recent highlights

Paper Felting

Learned how to do Joomchi and love the results.

Here is my first work, but I have also made a print using this process…have a look on the Printmaking page.

Infinity Cube

Fascinating continuing folding Infinity Cube game. Themed on the Bayeaux Tapestry and hand drawn images.

Pocket Books


Figured out how to make a book with no glue and no stitching, that has two pockets on the outside of the cover that could hold a decorative strip that wraps across the spine.

Next, created a book of pocket pages each held on a concertina spine, and then a fillet box to house it in.


Celtic Weave Binding

Beautiful black handmade paper from France, lent itself to images of the Celtic knot patterns that I studied and learned to draw using pen and coloured pencils. By the time I filled the whole book I felt like a Medieval apprentice!

Flexi-spine binding

This binding depends on wires that are embedded in the edges of the pages and then tied together one by one. The pages are rigid and create an effective show for the content. The cover was a fern frond drawn on textured wallpaper. When I found some cyanotype paper, I knew I needed pressed and dried fern fronds to expose on the paper. Now the content talks to the cover!

For more flex-spine bindings turn to the page of book structures -

Secret Belgian Bindings

Highway Book

Green acrolin; panels of natural linen cloth; variegated hand dyed linen thread from Ann Bell; recycled pages from engineering maps of the proposed Transmission Gully highway!

Almost a Coptic binding but with a separate spine board that is cunningly held in place by the stitching which secures the covers to the book block.

Secret Belgian Binding

Secret Belgian Binding - wooden covers

Wooden Boat Book

The wooden covers, crafted by Royce Johnson, were polished and waxed to feel like satin, and were inspired by wooden boat building. A set of 11 linocuts of wooden medieval sailing ships were printed on pages of wooden boat building plans to create the 240 pages (60 folios).

Tapered stitching holes and plans

MEDIEVAL SHIP LINOCUTs and collagraphs

and wooden boat plans